Land of the Giants

“Now that San Francisco’s gone, I guess I’ll just pack it in.”

North from The Bay, we planned on two nights right outside the Trees of Mystery, one of the biggest tourist traps on the West Coast.  But we didn’t care.  We wanted to see giant redwoods, and this place had them.  Mystic Forest RV Park was one of the most pleasant campgrounds we visited, and it was a short mile walk to the SkyTram to the tops of the trees.  And Paul Bunyan, no less.


Frogger, lower right.

The walk through the trees to the Tram was really cool.  Massive trees, everywhere.  Carvings, statues, and even “singing” cathedral trees littered the half mile walk through the forest.  Space, mountains, skyscrapers, and canyons have a way of making a person feel small.  But these trees had a mystical way of belittling you.  I am often given to hyperbole, but the giant redwoods of Northern California remain one of the most impressive sights I’ve seen in this great land of ours.



The 2,000 year old Brotherhood Tree stands at 297 feet tall, and boasts a diameter of over 19!!!!! feet.




We do some legitimate camping.  Sort of.  In a home-on-wheels.

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