The Keys

I know I know I know.  Lets just pretend that this post is remotely current.  We just went to the Florida Keys.  And we are definitely going back.  That’s pretty much it.

Okay, a little detail …

So, about a month before we headed to the southernmost point in the U.S., we really didn’t know where we were going to stay.  I had been in talks with my buddy Clint, a resident of Big Pine Key, about staying here, staying there, he knows a guy who knows a guy, etc.  I guess none of it mattered because Clint and his gracious fiancee Tammy invited us to park in their driveway for the whole week!  It really was a blessing.  Their house was perfectly Floridian, complete with bamboo grass-lined outdoor shower, and just minutes away from gorgeous beaches and several killer fishing spots.  For whatever reason, I didn’t get a picture of the setup on Big Pine Key, but I assure you that it felt like we were kicking in a remote island jungle.  Coconut trees overhead, palm bushes gently scraping the windows, and an ocean breeze whispering around the clock.  It was perfect.


The crew, Clint, and Champ

Bahia Honda Key, winner of an obscure late-90’s “Best Beach in America” was our beach of choice for the week.  Less than 10 minutes from Clint and Tammy’s, the white sands and crystal clear water of Bahia Honda became the perfect spot for us to post up most of our time in the Keys.  Access to the sand and water were easy, and I even got to wade and fish a couple of days on the Atlantic side of the island.


The Atlantic side of Bahia Honda

The only day of the week that it rained, we ventured 40 or so miles west to Key West.  Not much to report on Key West besides the best food we have enjoyed on the trip.  Mark (a very generous friend of Clint’s) and Clint both directed us to the restaurant, El Siboney.  Exquisite Cuban food here folks.  I have contemplated doing an end-of-the-trip food write-up, but after this culinary masterpiece, no need.  The discussion has been settled.  This is quite possibly the best food on the planet.  Moving on.

El Siboney

Fried pork at El Siboney

Like I said, as soon as we were on the road heading north, we discussed the possibility of spending as many as two months on Big Pine Key next year.  This place is that special.  Great people (many of whom refused to lock their doors!), amazing fishing, fantastic weather and tasty victuals made Big Pine one of my favorite places I have visited.

IMG_0344 IMG_0346

IMG_0406IMG_0465 IMG_0506


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