Saltwater on the fly. Hooked. Like, big time.

This being a fishing blog, this is a fishing report.  I caught a bonefish.  And to quote Famous Jameis, if we gon’ do it, we gon’ do it BIG den.

I’ll keep it short, especially since most folks I know have already seen these pictures, and know that I caught a bonefish.


1.  Barracuda.

I hooked maybe a dozen of these gnarly predators during the trip, but this was the only one I landed on my trip out of  Miami with new fishing buddy Scott Baker.  Scott and I spent the last prolly 6 months prepping for this Florida trip, and it obviously paid off.  All barracuda (and all the other saltwater species for that matter, including the bonefish) besides this dude were fooled by flies I tied.  How neat is that?



2.  Baby Tarpon

So, although this one is is just about as cool as anything I’ve caught (aside from the bonefish), the magic hole for the baby tarpon on Big Pine Key was a source of consternation.  I fished for these things every night I was on the island, but only my last night did I try a different spot.  And only at that spot did I get a strike just about every cast for an hour or so.  And though this bad boys are often an afterthought to their older siblings, they ain’t no joke.  I could fish for these 3-6 lb fish any day of the week.

Baby Tarpon


3.  Bonefish

Just gonna leave this right here …



So yeah, we’re gonna head back to the Keys as soon as it gets cold everywhere else.


Did I mention I caught a bonefish?




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