Red Gold

Fishing!!!  At long last!!!  It has been nearly 4 months since I really wet a line, and finally, the big moment has come.  I got to try out the new Sage Xi3 on some beautiful Louisiana Redfish.  Al’s old Marine buddy Cliff Baker lives in Pass Christian, MS, and exhibits a supreme passion for catching red drum on the Gulf Coast.  Although he has never tried (and probably never will again) these brutes on the fly, he seemed pretty excited to put me on a few reds for the first time. The weather and wind were perfect, and though the water was a little low,  it was clear.  And we had more than a few shots at the beasts.  But alas! it was Amateur Hour on the Marsh!  Al had to ride in the middle while I stood on the bow and sight casted to perhaps dozens of reds.  I only managed to land one (on Bruce’s Crab, my own pattern) and lost another.  They were a little spooky, and Al likewise only brought one to hand.  But Cliff picked up the slack by boating four reds, and we came away fairly satisfied.  I’m already looking at boats and land near the coast!  Thanks to Cliff for housing and feeding, and above all, guiding us to a perfect weekend in the middle of the week.  We will definitely see you again soon!


Cliff and the “Panga”




This red looks small because Al’s kind of a big guy.  And he’s holding it away from the camera.  And it’s a small fish.



Deceived by Bruce’s Crab!!!

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