LA Marsh Fishing 12/3/13

4 12 2013

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

Alright it’s not MS but it is close.

A couple of things up front. First, I have a severe aversion to paying people to take me fishing. I have been with guides (before Tuesday) exactly three times (that I can remember) and all of them were a bust! Captain Britt Ordes of has gone a long way to changing my opinion! You will see why as you scroll down.

Second, there are just some people you know you are going to have a good time with regardless of the fishing success. Pastor Danny Cochran is one of those people for me. It was icing on the cake that Danny and Laura’s youngest son Seth got to take part in this slug fest. As a matter of fact this trip was Danny’s idea. He had been in contact with Britt for a couple of weeks as we planned on fishing in November. As our departure date drew near Britt let us know that the weather wasn’t looking good and recommended we postpone the trip until this week. He said he wanted us to catch fish.

Danny and Seth pulled out of Carthage shortly after mid-night on the 3rd. We left Byram about 2:30 a.m. No rain in the forecast so we were surprised by having to have the wipers on from McComb to New Orleans! Arrived in St. Bernard Parish about 7 a.m. started fishing about 7:30.

Should have known it was going to be a great day when it started like this.


By 9:30 the three of us had about limited out on specks (speckled sea-trout.) We were fishing live (and artificial) shrimp on the bottom in one of the cuts close to home base. The fish were not all that big but most were in the slot so we could keep them. We just flat wore them out.

This was the result at the end of the day. Three limits of reds and three limits of specks.


Britt does combo trips of trout and reds most guides do one or the other. not both. We wondered how he would top the early morning bite. It didn’t take us to long to find out. We motored (all 300 h.p.) about 5 miles or so and came to an abrupt stop in a “small” bay. Britt pointed and said, “I know they are in there somewhere.” Took us all of 10 minutes to find out where that was.

I won’t go into all the details let just say Danny is holding the first fish “we” caught.  A monster Red. Even Britt was a bit surprised. He told us they had been doing pretty good on Reds but not quite this large. Son! (We had been praying about this trip for some time.)  We turned this big fella back and proceeded to wear the reds and ourselves out. You could keep one red over 27 inches each which we did. And you could keep four more between ? inches and 27 inches (we let the captain keep track of all that) which we did.   The one over 27 inches was easy it was the smaller keepers that were the “hard to come by.” I cannot tell you how many fish we got over 27 inches (catch and release fishing with circle hooks.)


These boys (and girls) enjoyed some of the fruits of our rewards.


I suppose the highlight of the day for me was when a gentleman were fishing around for the “specks” came by and asked if we were having fun! We apologized if we had been making too much noise but he said, “Man that is what it is all about just being out and having fun.” We couldn’t have agreed more.

Thank you Jesus!

Captain Britt we will be back.

This really is MS. December 4th and still “pockets” of fall foliage. This has been the most beautiful fall I can remember.



11 08 2012

Mark Beason took Michael Faw, an outdoor writer from Ohio, and me out gar fishing Tuesday, July 31 and it was a blast. A first for both of us. We went to Sardis Lake which is a favorite for Mark and this type of fishing. We fished with conventional tackle baitcast and spinning rods. The unconventional part is that we used no hooks! Notice the bait a piece of “shredded” cotton rope!

We were into fish pretty quick and while not an ideal day (according to Mark) we probably got nine or ten. Big fish was over 25lbs.

We are going out after a world record next year on the fly rod.


Two Slabs

11 04 2012

I have been crappie fishing a bunch lately. The results have not been what was expected. Hopefully the high water has delayed the spawn.

Darren and I went yesterday and ended up with about 20.

The two below were the best of the bunch!

FSU – Maryland 10/22/11

24 10 2011

Gail and I were privileged to get to go to the  FSU – Maryland game Saturday. A friend of Brent’s (Butch) on the Slope in AK had a couple of extra tickets (God works in mysterious ways) that he was kind enough to send to us. Sat by Butch’s cousin-in-law Randy and had a nice time talking to him.

We went down Thursday and rested up a bit and had a great time as the Noles got the W.

(They are not fighting they are praying!)

Two New Things

15 04 2010

First a pic of the church where I am preaching.

And then our first camping trip in the trailer. Close to the Rez we have been fishing all week.


10 04 2010

A couple of good un’s from Uncle David.

A Little Slab Will Do YA’

7 04 2010

I have crappie fished 8 of the last ten days! All have been “decent” some fanfastic.

The other brother Doug and I got 32 this morning before noon. One monster.

Here are a couple of pics from yesterday with David.

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