Trip Report 9-4-2013

I had the privilege of conducting the funeral service for a dear fried Mr. Bill Baker on Tuesday, September 3. Mr Baker was 95 ans I had known him for about ten years. After the service Gail and I headed to Norfork.

Wednesday met up with Dominic, owner of Two Rivers fly shop in Norfork. He had just picked up a new boat and was “a hankering” to try it out on the Fork. I met him at the fly shop around 3p.m. and we headed to the dam.

As most of you know I am not much on fishin’ out of a boat. I can do that in MS. But I might change my mind! We wanted to try the hopper bite but after several drifts and one take Dominic suggested a change to a streamer. He gave me a couple of ideas on how to fish the rig he set up and wouldn’t you know it, first cast and fish on – a nice brown. Caught a couple of more and had a monster brown take a swipe – no two swipes at the rig but no hook up. Maybe next time!

Dominic, taking his (our) life in his hands allowed me to row. row, row the boat on the final drift of the day. I did pretty good if I do say so myself. At least me made it out alive.

Headed to AK tomorrow.

Dom Bow

God Bless!














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