PTL More Than Just Fishing For Fish!

My “business” card says in part “Fishing for Fish” – “Fishing for Men”

One man is worth more than all the fish I have ever caught! But God is using fishing to lead me to men who need to be “caught” by Christ.

Little did we know that such would be the case on our trip to Norfork this past week. I will not go into the details as I choose to let those who have been brought into the Kingdom tell their own stories. Just let us say that Wednesday, August 14 there was “rejoicing in the presence of the angles.” Luke 15:10

It has been a bitter sweet month in some ways as one of the “saints” of the Cruger Independent Methodist, where I pastor, was promoted to glory. Frank Jr. passed away the previous week.  I also just found out that Mike the “owner” of the gun shop in Norfork had passed away earlier in the year.

The fishing and the weather were fantastic! Gail and I pulled into Norfork on Sunday after church (does this sound familiar?) I spent Monday mowing grass and repairing our road that the rain had messed up. Not complaining we needed the rain. Generation has continued to be “perfect” for this time of year. Off late in the day starting up in the early afternoon. It has been a long time since it has been this consistent. I imagine that is about to end. With lake levels on the rise my guess is that when flooding down south ends the generators are going to be turned loose.”

Fished Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. As I have said before the news about how great the Norfork is fishing is bound to break loose sooner rather than later. Saw several guides out this time but it is still not crowded – yet.

Sight fishing has been super. take a look at this.


I could see this beauty almost this clearly before I caught “her.” Midges and sowbugs, are the “big” producers. When things slow down almost anything else is good for a couple more.

God bless!

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