The Trip to Fairbanks Thursday, June 20 – Tuesday, June 25

The most anticipated part of this summers trip was upon us! Gail had arrived on Monday, the 17th  Thursday and spent some time in Anchorage. Brent returned home from the Slope on Thursday and we had the RV packed. After putting  a few finishing touches on getting ready we hit the road. Our first stop was at Montana Creek normally one of our favorite streams. But, the Parks highway streams were still “blown out.” It has been a very “unusual” year weather wise in AK. Winter weather stayed around longer than normal. But when summer arrived (about the same time as I did) it came to “stay.” I have been here for just over a month and today was the first cloudy and cool day I’ve seen.  Back to Montana creek – too high to fish. I made a  bad mistake when we parked the RV by not closing the vents in the cab and if filled with mosquitoes! I felt terrible in that no one slept and the girls (really all of us) got ate up.

We passed over Troublesome Creek on our way to the Denali Highway.


Brent’s first real chance to fish came on Fish Creek on the Denali on Friday.


It is always great to see eagles!



The terrain heading into Fairbanks is different but amazing none the less.


Ever since David and I fished Dune Lake in 2010 I have looked forward to going back. (See our 2010 AK trip report) I could have waited a little longer! It was hot. All six of s made the flight over.


Rosemary was delighted.


It is a beautiful lake.




Our cabin.


Brent and I fished hard for two days. Tuesday it was 91 degrees! While we spotted some fish we cold never cold get a pattern. Most of the fish Brent caught came on a Green Drake fished on top.


Even with the heat and slow fishing we had a great time. The girls loved playing in the water and riding in the boats.

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