Norfork 4/24-25/2012

I wish that I could adequately express just how awesome the fishing has been the last two days. My brother and I saw John B. and Lori at Blue Ribbon, Monday and mentioned we were hoping for some low water. We got what we hoped for.

We walked in at Ackerman both days. We were there at daylight and had the river to ourselves for a couple of hours Started off with soft hackles, moved on to midges, and ended up with EHC. I had the best I have ever had on dries
I even got a nice cutt on a Cicada left over from last year. There was a massive midge hatch and a ton of bigger bugs sulphurs I think. This fish was rejecting my caddis so I thought why not. About the third cast she nailed it I have a pic but it’s not too good will post when I get home. I won’t tell about the one much bigger that got away today.

Hard to complain when the day starts off like this.


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