Fishing Report 5/7-10/2012

Looks like they have the boat ramp done right this time. Unfortunately it is not open yet.

Monday, May 7 2012

Hit the river at about 6:30. Water was low fishing was slow (compared to last trip) but picked up in the afternoon.

I have spent the last three days fishing one of, if not, my favorite places to fish, Steamboat Shoals, below the confluence of the Norfork and White Rivers. Since we only live tree miles from the Red’s Access landing I prefer to put in there and head upstream. The only problem is that to wade fish Steamboat you need nearly dead low water. This makes going up river rather tricky and sometimes difficult. But hey sometimes you just got to man up.

Well the Lord blessed us (Jack went with me today) with ideal conditions. Great weather (we saw a bald eagle, saw three Tuesday), they ran for seven hours on the Fork  last night and the water was falling out which helped navigation and enhanced the fishing. We were taking them on woolies, Peabodies, KHC, midges, sowbugs, etc.

I got the following pics today.

I’ll bet this gave someone a real headache!


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