Fish Report 7/25-28/2011

Jack and I were out early this morning 5:30 and hit the upper C&R until the water came up at about 9:30.

The fishing was good but not spectacular like the last couple of trips have been.

I fished the “worm scud” and Jack the Peabody with so so results. The wooly saved the day for me.

My first fish was the best of the day a 16-17 inch cutt. See below

Also got about a 14 inch brown.

They are rebuilding the “dam” that was taken out by the recent “flood.” They are putting in some stuff that probably won’t wash away next time. Unfortunately this cuts off about 2 miles or so of some really nice side channel that gets good flow at two units.

We were back at it this morning (Tuesday) and things were a bit slower until we moved downstream. And then it was total pandalirium. Got to fish about an hour and caught about as many as in the two previous hours. Beautiful day!

Jack brings one in. He has a pic I hope he sends me of a great bow he got earlier.

The water coming up often drives the “fog” off of the river.

This is the one!

We are very excited as Al and Amanda and the grandchildren are coming up tomorrow!

Al and I were at it bright and early only problem was no body told the fish! It was slow to start but as the water was coming up the fish turned on (not unusual) and we ended the morning doing pretty good. Going to take Andrew to Dry Run creek this afternoon.

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