Can’t stop fishin

Well, after a rowdy week on the Kenai chasing reds (and doing quite well I must say), I just couldn’t shake the fish fever.  Sunday afternoon, Ronnie and I headed north from Houston to my favority, Montana Creek.  A few years of rust were still evident in Ronnie’s fly skills, but after a handful of casts, he seemed back on track.  I was hoping for more kings in the river that might have suggested an early egg-bite, but we saw very few, and bead-fishing didn’t produce even a sniff.  Ronnie managed to produce this 15-16″ beaut on the wooly, and missed a couple on the caddis.  I finally fooled one grayling into taking it, but as soon as we felt like we were into fish, we were out.  We totaled probably two hours of fishing, and only these two to hand.  But it was nice to get back to Montana, and within a few weeks, the trouting should pick up nicely.

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