Russian Bears

I’m ruined.  The last several outings on Lower 48 rivers found me almost exclusively using dries.  After some success through Canada with sulfurs, it’s been difficult to put away the topwater stuff.  The same has gone for the Russian.  I’ve hit my favorite river a couple of times since we’ve been in Alaska, and have had pretty good results on the elk hair caddis.  In between salmon runs conventional fishing (dries, streamers, nymphs) is as or more productive than the usual battery of Alaskan salmon stream fare of eggs and flesh.  I haven’t landed anything over 18″, but I’ve been catching just enough to keep my fishing dries.  I could probably hook up more often with underwater stuff, but on top is just too much fun.  Early morning and late in the evening, as usual, have produced the most fish, but the bruins seem to travel a little more during that time as well.  Here are a few that have kept me fishing at more sensible times.  I think I’ll put the Russian on hold until after salmon fishing is shut down and the egg bite is in full swing, but it’s still been as fantastic as I remember.




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