The Journey – Denali to Fairbanks 7-22-7-25

Once again we encountered some spectacular scenery on our move. The first part of this trip we traveled through an extensive valley with mountains on both sides. As we approached Fairbanks the terrain took a dramatic climb. Check it out.

Leaving Denali.


Nearing Fairbanks.

We took a “cruise” on the Discovery III in Fairbanks.

We took a short trip to Chena Hot Springs. On the way…

Actually David and I fished for grayling on the Chena River while Gail and Janis wet to the hot springs. In keeping with the rest of the trip fishing was slow.

Gail and Janis toured the Ice Musem.

David and I are taking a fly out trip tomorrow to Dune Lake and will be spending the night. Hoping the fishing will pick up!

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