The Journey – Denali “The Great One” 7-20

The “Big” day had finally arrived. One of the “biggest” events we had planned for our trip was the tour through Denali park to see Mt. McKinley. The Lord truly blessed us as we had a near perfect day for the tour. Only 25-30 percent of the people who take the tour actually get to see the mountain. Weather conditions are seldom conducive to a good view. The day we arrived, Monday things looked pretty dismal early but cleared a bit as the day progreesed. But, the prediction for Tuesday was not goood. We awoke to a light rain and very cloudy but as soon as we boarded the bus things began to clear! You can see for yourself how things turned out. I will place the following pics into three catagories, 1) Landscape, 2) Animals, 3) Flowers.

The Savage River

Our first good look at the big boy!

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