The Journey – Final Stages Lawton, OK – Norfork, AR Monday, August 23- Wednesday, 25

25 08 2010

Can it be true? Is “The Journey – Alaska 2010” over? Well technically no, but we landed in Norfork yesterday (Tuesday) and dropped the trailer off for some maintenance. We have had a great trip, and we thank God for his grace and mercy.  When we get home, we will have covered over 14,000 miles!  We plan on staying in Norfork until Monday- going fishing in the morning.

We passed through New Mexico and Texas as we headed for OK.


There is another story here, but that is for another day.  Nice to meet you Doc and Zack.

On Monday we landed at Jim and Cheryl Dowling,  Janis’ brother and sister-in-law. Our family has many connections with Lawton because of military service there.

Arkansas is still beautiful even after all we have seen!

Another breath- taking experience!

The Journey Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colorado Friday, August 20- Sunday, August 22

24 08 2010

On Friday,August 20 we began the day by visiting the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.

This is a B-52 that had actually flown combat missions in Vietnam. Janis’ dad Major E. Ray Dowling had flown a plane just like this one.

Our second visit was to the campus of Focus on the Family, very encouraging.

I suppose we should have been chronicling the amazing ways God led us to people and places during our trip. We met a lot of different people with connections to places, people  and events to which we were also connected. This is one example. After viewing a video of the new president on FOTF we exited the theater to see this plaque on the wall.

The plaque and the letters it contained were given to Dr. James Dobson by Tech Sgt. Donald G. Malarkey.  Sgt. Malarkey was one of the “Band of Brothers” featured in the HBO special (not recommended viewing.)

It just so happens that my mother’s brother Donald Hoobler was also in Easy Company. He was killed after taking a Luger from a dead German soldier. The pistol which my uncle carried in his pocket accidently fired resulting in his death.

If our sources are correct Sgt. Malarkey’s family is in possession of that pistol.

Our next visit was to “The Garden of the Gods”.   I suppose if there were in fact “gods”,  they might have a garden such as this.

On Saturday, August 21 we visited with Gail’s sister Dawn, her husband Mark and 2 of their children and grandchildren.

Lori, Doug, Gail, Drew, Dawn, Sarah Dawn and Joe

Janis, Lori, Mark, Sarah, Joe

David and Drew

We attended church with the Spellman’s Sunday and then headed to Lawton, OK where we visited with Jim and Cheryl Dowling, Janis’ brother and sister -in-law.

The Journey – Olympia to Colorado Springs 8-16-19

20 08 2010

We left Don’s on Monday, August 16 and headed to Colorado. We traveled through the Columbia River valley which entailed following the Columbia River for some time. It was (as usual) beautiful.

The river borders Washington and Oregon. We spent the night in Baker City, OR.

We later hooked up with the Snake River in Idaho.

On the 17th we traveled through Utah and spent the night in Tremonton.

On the 18th we traveled through the rest of Utah and into Wyoming.

Yes. We held our breath, but it wasn’t too long!

We got in early and spent the night on the North Platte Rver in Saratoga, WY.

Was it any suprise that the RV park we stayed in was named Deerhaven?

Our journey from Saratoga took us through Medicine Bow National Forest where we reached an elevation of over 11,000 feet.

Waiting to greet us as we entered Colorado.

This is where Seth Smith plays baseball!

We made it in time to visit Pike’s Peak. I could not possibly post a fraction of the pictures we took, but here are a few.

At the top.

Our first sight of mountain goats.

As we were leaving the park.

The second North Pole we have been through.

We are staying in an RV park just outside Pike’s Peak.

The Journey -More Olympia Sunday 8-15

19 08 2010

Sunday the 15th we attended the Mountain View Church of the Nazarene in Tumwater it was a great service

After church we had the distinct pleasure of watching McKenzie ride Valentine (her horse Arrielle (sp) is recovering from and injury).

We also got to meet her boyfriend Tim.

The judges hard at work.

The Journey – Vancouver to Olympia 8-8-14

14 08 2010

Vancouver was a beautiful city. We toured downtown extensively.

A seagull attempting to crack open a oyester!

A few pics as we were leaving the city on Tuesday, August 9.

It was great to be headed back home to the good ole USA.

Coming into Seattle, WA

Wednesday evening Don took us too Tumwater Falls park near Olympia.

The three amigos!

On Thursday we took the drive back to Seattle to visit some of the local attractions. Which included watching men throwing fish at Pike’s fish market.

The first Starbucks!

On Friday we visited the Nisqually Refuge.

And then today Saturday, August 14 we went to the Olympic National Forest.

The Journey From AK – Vancouver 8-1-8

8 08 2010

 It was a sad day as we left AK. But, it can’t be denied that Canada is a beautiful country as you will see!

The sign post in Watson Lake, Yukon.

This guy (gal?) was in no hurry. Caribou of both sexes have antlers.

We took a short cut just before getting to Dawson Creek (BC29) and it led us to the Peace River just before we got to Prince George.

The truck and trailer are holding up nicely.

Just about when we thought we had seen it all a couple we met north of Vancouver suggested we take BC99 instead of the “normal” route  What a great idea it was. This road took us to Whistler BC which was home to many of the events of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

We spent the night at Paradise Valley campground just outside of Squamish. The sights would make you squemish!

We arrived in Vancouver after attending “another” Baptist church.  It was a great service.

This is a park (Capalina)  in Vancouver. We are spending tonight and Monday night in Vancouver and heading to Olympia Tuesday.

The Journey – Denali Highway 7-29-30

6 08 2010

By this time I am beginning to be redundant but at Brent and Bregitte’s suggestion we decided to make the drive on the Denali Highway from Paxson to Cantwell. On Thursday, July 29 we headed out from Tangle Lakes campground for Cantwell. it was another great drive at Maclaren’s Pass we reached an altitude of just over 4,000 feet! I think this was the highest point we reached in AK. Unfortunately a short way into the trip we the batteries ran out in our camera.

David and Janis took some pics and I would like to think that when I get copies of them I might come back and do some editing but then again…