Rampage on the White!

November 19 -20, 2007. Here is our latest report from Arkansas. Brent is “home” for a couple of weeks from Alaska, so he, my brother David and I spent Monday and Tuesday fishing the White and Norfork. Monday was absolutely perfect. The water was low and made for some great wading. We put in at the confluence. We hooked up as soon as we started fishing and the action was non-stop the rest of the day. The count for the day was 115 give or take a couple! When ever they stopped hitting one thing all you had to do was change flies and it was on again. Wind did get a bit gusty but not too bad. We did see a couple of bows trying to spawn.  Tuesday we went to the Fork and the results were less than stellar. Fished below the Long Hole and probably picked up 20 or so between us. Did have a shot at a couple of nicer fish but failed to connect. Only fished until noon so we still felt pretty good about results.  Brent’s girlfriend got in today and they are headed to Florida for Thanksgiving. We are planning on headed back to AR. The end of next week.  

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.


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