November 07

Headed out Wednesday, November 28th after church and arrived in Norfork about 3:30 a.m. on Thursday 29th. This was a “special” trip in that I got to go with my two sons Al and Brent and Brent’s girlfriend from AK. We rested up a couple of hours and were at the confluence by daylight. Water conditions were once again perfect. No generation on either the White or the Norfork. Once again the fish were cooperative not quite like the week before but we all got some bows and a couple of browns thrown in. Brent and Bregitte went to Blanchard Springs Caverns in the afternoon as this was her first time in AR. Al and fished below the dam and it was pretty slow.  We went back Friday to the confluence and made the float to Red’s. They messed with us in that the Fork started running two units about 6 a.m. So we motored to Steamboat Shoals and fished until the water got there and then we headed back to Norfork as they had shut down in the meantime. It was my first time to wade at SS and the fishing was real good. We all staked out different areas and all caught fish mostly rainbows but again a couple of small browns. The fish were not all that big but they were fat. Started raining about 4:30 so we headed on down to Red’s.  Davy, if you happen to read this, didn’t know that was you taking out at Red’s hope you didn’t think I was going to back into your boat! I wouldn’t do that. The boys told me it was you. I was just interested in getting out of the rain. I let the boys and Bregitte fish Saturday morning at the Fork as I had some chores to do at the house. It was pretty slow. We headed home about noon. Hope to be back up after Christmas.  


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