The Journey – Olympia to Colorado Springs 8-16-19

We left Don’s on Monday, August 16 and headed to Colorado. We traveled through the Columbia River valley which entailed following the Columbia River for some time. It was (as usual) beautiful.

The river borders Washington and Oregon. We spent the night in Baker City, OR.

We later hooked up with the Snake River in Idaho.

On the 17th we traveled through Utah and spent the night in Tremonton.

On the 18th we traveled through the rest of Utah and into Wyoming.

Yes. We held our breath, but it wasn’t too long!

We got in early and spent the night on the North Platte Rver in Saratoga, WY.

Was it any suprise that the RV park we stayed in was named Deerhaven?

Our journey from Saratoga took us through Medicine Bow National Forest where we reached an elevation of over 11,000 feet.

Waiting to greet us as we entered Colorado.

This is where Seth Smith plays baseball!

We made it in time to visit Pike’s Peak. I could not possibly post a fraction of the pictures we took, but here are a few.

At the top.

Our first sight of mountain goats.

As we were leaving the park.

The second North Pole we have been through.

We are staying in an RV park just outside Pike’s Peak.

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