The Journey From AK – Vancouver 8-1-8

 It was a sad day as we left AK. But, it can’t be denied that Canada is a beautiful country as you will see!

The sign post in Watson Lake, Yukon.

This guy (gal?) was in no hurry. Caribou of both sexes have antlers.

We took a short cut just before getting to Dawson Creek (BC29) and it led us to the Peace River just before we got to Prince George.

The truck and trailer are holding up nicely.

Just about when we thought we had seen it all a couple we met north of Vancouver suggested we take BC99 instead of the “normal” route  What a great idea it was. This road took us to Whistler BC which was home to many of the events of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

We spent the night at Paradise Valley campground just outside of Squamish. The sights would make you squemish!

We arrived in Vancouver after attending “another” Baptist church.  It was a great service.

This is a park (Capalina)  in Vancouver. We are spending tonight and Monday night in Vancouver and heading to Olympia Tuesday.

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