Alaska 2017

Thought I’d post a couple of pics to get this years report started.

The trout fishing has been slow so far. I fished two days on the Parks Highway without a trout. My son and I fished two days on the Russian and while Brent did pretty good I could not get dialed in. I did catch a few dollies.


The salmon fishing on the other had has been pretty good. Most people that come to fish in AK are looking for salmon. And while we target mainly trout will chase the occasional salmon, especially if the wives request it! We got our limit two days on silvers (on the fly rod.)

Doug SilverThis is what the fillets look like.

20170902_125635_1504394863841Brent’s friend Nate and his friend with a couple of Kenai reds.

IMG_1106Brent’s friend “Dude” with a Quart Creek Dolly Varden.


Brent with our first bow of the trip on the Russian River.


Our 8 year old granddaughter Rosemary with a Gulkana River grayling.


Bald Eagle and the Three Bears on the Russian.



Hurricane Train – Talkeetna to Hurricane Gulch

Gail and I try to do something “new” each time we come to visit this tie it was the Hurricane Turn Around train. It is the only “flag stop” left in America. If you live along the “line” or are a passenger who has “disembarked” all you have to do is put a flag out and the train will stop and pick you up. There are no roads to the people’s homes that live along this route. In the winter they can ride snow machines to town.

Leaving Talkeetna.



The railroad follows the Susitna (SU to locals) for about forty miles.






Hurricane Gulch.


The Indian River.


Picking up some hunters.


A different look at Denali.



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