Breezing through the desert

Not too interested in the desert on this leg, we stopped for lunch in New Mexico, and for a brief overnight stay in Arizona, and that was it.  Didn’t really see much need to do a lot of exploring in the spoils of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo since we had spent some time there in the past few years.  We did, however, stumble upon a sight we are considering revisiting:  Picacho Peak.  Site of the westernmost battle of the American Civil War, this lonely 3,000 foot high protrusion of rock was astonishingly picturesque and exuded a sort of magnetic draw to it.  Despite the gearbox on the the slide motor taking a dump as we rolled in long after nightfall, this was a delightfully surprising highlight of our westward voyage.

IMG_1335         IMG_1322


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