The Berkshires Seemed Dreamlike

haven’t posted in some time, but I must catch you up on the last days of 2014.  From New York City, we drove into and stayed in East Lyme, Connecticut, and finally arrived in Newport, Rhode Island a few days before Thanksgiving.  Where we were met with lobster after lobster, and the most delectable White Clam Chowder anywhere.


Again, I couldn’t stay for long, and again, I have missed Thanksgiving, but in New England, if the leaves are falling, it kind of always feel like Thanksgiving.  I was able to stay for only a couple of days, but the crew hung around for the entire two weeks I was at work.  Papo Lars and Papo Nelly played generous hosts, fed us well, and played some mighty fine music.

They spent the time dodging freezing rain, some snow, and the inescapable, haunting New England winds.  But during the clearest of days, they visited the local petting zoo and colonial-style farms, and kicked it with cousins Pele and Clara.





I returned on December 3, and after a short stay, we headed South, bound for Music City.

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