We’ll probably make this a regular entry.  Typically, we post pictures of destinations, detours, and dive-ins, but occasionally, we pick up the camera and shoot some scenery while on the move.  This is the first post in that category.  And it happens to be New York City.  Pretty much just to show everyone we drove through New York City, which isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do in a 31-foot RV.  But every time I go near this place, I feel a little smaller.  The skyline just blows the mind.


After leaving the congestion of Manhattan and the maze of asphalt, we spent two nights at a campground in East Lyme, CT.  We made sure we found a place with cable TV, and were able to cheer our little hearts out watching FSU claim another heart attack-inducing victory, this time, over the loathed Miami (of Florida) Hurricanes).  Then, on to Rhode Island.

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