We the People …

of the amazing Lane family, in early November finally pushed our way past the old tobacco farms of the South and into the swirling madness of our nation’s capital.  We have mostly planned things the morning of departure, and this tour was much of the same.  Cherry Hill Park seemed like the most plausible way to camp and visit downtown Warshinton, according to the internet, and again, the internet was right.  Although public transportation to and from the city was kind of a headache, it really worked pretty well for us.  A twenty or so minute bus ride and about the same time on the subway put us in the heart of the city.

Veterans Day was Tuesday, and the city was free basing patriotism.  It was pretty awesome.  The weather was splendid and Old Glory danced in the sun at every turn.


Initially nervous about riding the Metro after dark (urban ain’t really our thing), we soon found ourselves scoffing at the notion of neglecting to see this place at night.  So we took our time the first day.  We spent a fair amount of time in the Museum of Evolution (the sign read “Museum of Natural History,” but it appeared the curators were guessing at every turn and just settled on the term “evolution,” when they had no empirical answers).  The highlight, for some reason that leaves kids during the somber transition into adulthood, was the girls holding a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  None of those words are pleasant standing alone either.


Next up was the National Air and Space Museum.  Naturally, we rode in a simulator.  Naturally I erased the pictures proving it.  So naturally, I’ll just insert a picture of a drone.


The following day, the National Mall was to host the “Concert for Valor,” a monster lineup in tribute to American military, and it had concert organizers buzzing all over it and construction crews fouling up the scenery, so the walk down the mall was kind of a bust.  Not as much because of the second African-American Culture and History Museum being constructed right in the middle of the lawn, but yeah, that too.  However, when we cleared the ruckus …


We loved that thing.  From that moment, we allowed the Washington Monument to photobomb us at will.





Of course, there were other sights as well.  And the second day brought nationalism to a fever pitch.  It was Veteran’s Day, nobody was working (I realize how funny that must seem for a description of D.C.), and the mirth was tangible and smelled faintly like urine.  Sometimes boldly.  We left a little earlier today because the concert was bringing ’em out of the woodworks.  Some predicted nearly 800,000 to the Mall.  We walked down Constitution Avenue just to observe.  Some descriptions of large masses of people use the words “sea” and “ocean.”  This was a river.  The throngs swarming to Mall entrances simply did not end.  It was crazy.  We did get to hear Dave Grohl do an acoustic version of “Hero,” which was pretty sweet, but that was it.  We were outta there.  So long D.C.  It was a blast, the kids liked it, and we are pumped about going back when they are older.  And can spend more time in the National Museum of America History.  Because they didn’t care for it.  Past the first fifteen minutes.  You know, it’s just really tough to enjoy the Presidential wing when everyone is bored and cryi… okay, okay, I’m done.  We’ll get to do it again some other time.  At least we better …


Here’s some more pictures.  The new method of posting pictures is much easier now, so these posts gonna get pretty pic heavy.



Lincoln Memorial



Lincoln Memorial



You guessed it!



American Expeditionary Forces Memorial



Eisenhower Executive Office Building



Goofing around in the President’s Park in front of the White House



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