Weather or not

This is the first leg of the big trip.  Wasn’t supposed to start like this, but since we were in fact heading into the Yellowhammer State, it seemed reasonable to believe that we would ride in on a whirlwind.  Quite literally.  We rolled into Falkville Sunday night, and the David Lane IIs were pretty excited, as were we.  They have an amazing spread of land in the hills of LA (Lower Appalachia), horses, a big beautiful barn, the works.

 photo 724eb5af-4223-493a-98f7-898bcc5b0be9.jpg

On our second day there, the word came over the radio that we would soon be under a tornado warning, and after a frantic scramble from the barn to the house, we huddled around the TV, weathermen freaking out, kids playing video games, and waited. Nothing outside of a pretty serious thunderstorm materialized, but severe weather is what we do in Alabama, so it seemed apropos.

 photo 3e8cf033-86d0-4866-bd16-0d7e4f5d8e2c.jpg

We did have a fantastic time with everybody.  Enjoyed some really delicious tender victuals the entirety of our visit.  Had a great time with April, Buddy, LP, and Mogo.  Angie was as hospitable as ever, and Shane was around most of the time keeping us cracked up.  And losing badly at Catan.  Tuesday morning showed up with much better weather, and felt like the right kind of traveling day.  Looks like roughly 7-8 hours to Boone, our next stop.  Blue skies the whole way perhaps?  Not likely …


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