“You’ll Travel Safely”

You’ll travel safely, you’ll neither tire nor trip. You’ll take afternoon naps without a worry, you’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep. Proverbs 3:23-24

So there we were, wondering how to survive another winter in Alaska, when my gorgeous, intelligent wife suggested that we acquire a motorhome of some sort and travel the warm Lower 48 instead of slogging through another dark northern winter. How cute. An undertaking of such immense proportions is typically reserved for sociopaths, survivalists, and singing Pentecostal families. She was dreaming.

So that dream has materialized.

Reality dictated that the constitution of said motorhome of some sort be simple, yet adequate for comfortable, everyday living. Dad (who else) found us one in Mississippi, and while the procurement of said motorhome of some sort was taxing both emotionally and financially, in March of this year, we added a 2007 Jayco Greyhawk to the Lane family (regrettably, we currently have no name for it). Even at 31 feet long, this beast makes mincemeat of most parking lots, the super slide is super amazing, and the old Mississippi State stickers that decorate the otherwise plain exterior betray a certain humility that only comes from years of an debased existence. And at 7ish miles per gallon, well, I guess there’s nothing really positive to say about that. Job security?

 photo 37077873-1714-427b-9fac-83cd1766d8be.jpg

October has been the focal point for months now. And here it is. The girls and Bregitte flew down about a week before I did, and domesticated the rig. I showed up on the 9th, spent a few days in Jackson, and after seeing the Cole’s new Die Hard baby, spending some time with the McAlillys watching football and attending church, we finally embarked on the Lane’s World Tour. Uh, American Tour. Of the South.

The title of the category “Blow Up Your TV” is a little misleading because, in fact, we purchased a new TV for this thing just a few days ago. But the idea is alive. This little adventure initially served us no other purpose besides a warm escape from the icy clutches of Alaskan white-outs, but it is promising much more.  Rosemary has started homeschooling, and we feel that the road life provides a unique educational setting.  Caroline is old enough to sense that something exciting is taking place, and both Bregitte and I are acutely aware of the blessed nature of the adventure.  We have even conceded that while our travels may take us to the perfect settlement, we could be happy to remain gypsies, road warriors. The first year proves to be a chance to do a little of both revisiting our old haunts and places we love, as well as exposing the family to some new, intriguing places in the far reaches of this beautiful country of ours.

 photo 2d3d925e-b04b-4da3-9cd4-c244fcba5e71.png


Due to external pressures (read:  family really wanted a blog of the trip), I have decided to record our every move on the interwebs via our world famous angling blog.  For all the world to see.  For now.  We are currently upgrading our AT&T data package.  Sweet.

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