Trip Report 3-1-13

Gail and I hit town Tuesday afternoon February the 26th after driving through some rain. Wednesday was predicted to be cold and blustery so we stayed close to home.

The only problem with the weather was that it was predicted to be cold and blustery the rest of the week too! have you ever noticed that when the predictions are for bad weather they are usually on  the money?  Not so much when its for good!

Never the less Jack and I faced the elements with much enthusiasm. Arriving at the Norfork boat ramp late 9 a.m. there was only one other boat trailer in the parking lot. We headed downstream immediately and  were surprised to see two boats from the resorts anchored up in the Long Hole. Where was the boat from the parking lot? You guessed it right where we wanted to fish. As I worked our boat down the shoal the  “young man” fishing “our” spot ask if I knew what he had named the spot? He said he called it, “Doug’s Spot” because he had never been fishing there that he didn’t see me!  It was my friend Steve from Indiana. I had not seen him in the in a while and it was his trailer in the parking lot. He was knocking the fish out.

Jack and I headed to our back up spot and found the results lackluster. Back up spot number 3 same results. By this time Steve had left our primary spot. At first it didn’t seem to promising. We continued to change flies to adapt to the conditions. Finally happened upon the D-Bug and the game was on!  For the next three hours in was lights out. I do not believe I have ever caught a larger average size of fish.  The big one was probably 16 or 17 inches but most were close to that size. Jack nailed some on the P-Body  and a couple of his other creations. Did I mention it was cold and windy?

What do you think of the picture Brent?


Big Fish of the day. Most were close to this size.


Friday I hit the dam area. Water pump went out on the outboard. It was cold and windy and did I mention snowing? One other vehicle in the parking lot. Not from Indiana. I hit the feeding trough and the action was pretty steady for a couple of hours. I was looking for the big boy (girl) but it didn’t happen. The parking lot was beginning to get busy so I left the “spot” for someone else.  Got back to the house about noon.


It was a good trip hope to be back for Sowbug.

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