Russian River 9/5-7

Here are some pics from the latest trip will post more later.

Brent and I spent the week (Monday the 3rd through Friday the 7) fishing the Kenai pennsula. We started the week on Quartz creek Monday evening. More or less got skunked. I had never fished Quartz but Brent had. It is a beautiful  stream tha dumps into Kenai Lake.

We moved to the Russian on Tuesday and our fortunes chnged but not immediately. Tuesday was slow but most reports sais the week-end had been hot. We caught mostly dollies and two over 18 inches and very fat. Still a lot of people fishing for salmon (cohos).

Wednesday was a turn around day. We went up river to the end of the boardwalk and fished the rest of the day in one spot and had over forty total. Three were over 20 inches and the biggest was about 23.


While I had the hot hand on Wed. it was Brent’t turn on Thursday. We went further up the river than I had ever been to a favorite spot of Brent’s. It was a diffucult hike but worth the effort. The water was faster than I was used tobut the fish were in the “pools” and longer runs. We were fishing with beads without indicators and Brent was dialed in. We probably got about over fifty. The biggest was about 18 inches with one silver (coho) salmon around eight lbs! 

The silver (realeased).

We have not been fishing alone!

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