What an afternoon! Gail and I had lunch at Brookfalls and as usual it was super.

Got to the Fork about 2 o’clock and headed south. Had a fish on about the third cast and it was pretty much non-stop action the rest of the afternoon.

It was absolutely beautiful albeit a little windy.

The dogwoods were “dogin.”

The redbuds were budin’

And the fish were a bitin’.

This brookie was the first fish of the day.

This 18 inch bow soon followed.

And this bow notice the EHC in his (her) mouth. One of the best dry fly days I have ever had.

The “coup de gras” (a little French lingo) was this 19+ cutthroat. I did every thing I could to get her (him) to 20 but it just wasn’t happening.

And the day ended with this (you will have to zoom to get the full effect maybe any effect!)

I was a brown shy of the slam but the Lord willing I will be back at it tomorrow.

Picked up today Wednesday, April 6 where we left off yesterday only the wind was even more cantankerous.

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