AR Trip Report 2/14-2/19 2011

We rolled into town yesterday after church and found things in good order. A few hours later Heavy D and Janis arrived.

Bro and I had made arrangements to meet up with Jack and Jim to fish Steamboat Shoals on the White. Monday.

We met up at Red’s Landing and began the slow trip upriver. The water was the lowest we have seen it it years, which is what we were hoping for.

We were not disappointed! Somebody was into fish just about all day. Jim did really well. It was their last day before heading back to FL.

Bro and I will be at it the rest of the week.

God is good!

You will have zoom into see her but there is a deer crossing the river near the island. 

Above Jim landing one of the many he caught today.

Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2001. We (Bro and I) were back at it this morning. Got to the boat ramp at the Norfork dam about 8 a.m. Headed to the C&R and were into fish right off the bat. Both of us got several nice cutts and bows. (see pics) I got mine on the scud and midges. Bro got his on the Peabody and the bugger. It was a beautiful day for Feb. and we were blessed. Hope to do it again tomorrow.

Wednesday was the slowest day yet. But still nice. We have made friends with Steve from Indiana and we saw him twice this trip

Here is an action sequence catch, release, swimming away. Nice brown Bro!

Friday, Feb. 18, 2011. We wrapped up the fishing for this trip today. May have been the best day of the trip. Cloudy, misting, not to much wind. We started hammerin’em right off the bat. I would guess that the fish we are catching this year in the same place as last year are 3 to 4 inches bigger on average. Wondering what the browns will look like later in the spring. I was a brown short of the slam today, got the brookine, bow and cutt early.

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