Norfork Update 11-4-10

I had the privilege of taking long time friend Tim Thomas on his first, hopefully not the last, trout fishing journey to Arkansas. We fished the end of Sept. and we were not disappointed! Started out at the confluence of the White and Norfork. I had been bragging about how good the fishing had been and when our first spot was a little slow I could see that look in Tim’s eyes. Fortunately our second spot was the “honey hole.” Tim had a fish on every couple of minutes. We hit the Norfork our second day looking for some bigger specimens and while we did catch some bigger fish it was a bit slow. Tim wanted to take a few fish home so the third day we put in at Red’s landing on the White and traded our fly rods for some “gear.” The fishing was not spectacular but we managed to put a limit in the boat and hopefully Miss Debbie was happy.

Bro and I have been back a couple of times since (as well as Jack) and I have included a couple of pics from those trips as well.

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