North Carolina Trip Monday Oct. 18-Sat. 23

Gail and I had the opportunity to visit Brent, Bregitte and Rosemary last week, and it was a fantastic trip.  The drive takes right at 11 hours, but almost all of it is interstate.

Absolutely beautiful weather and while we may have missed the peak of the autumn leaves “turning,” it was still stunning. 

Brent and I fished a couple of days on Wilson Creek and part of a day on the Watuga River near where they live. Nothing spectacular as far as fish go, but what more could a father ask for than to spend some time on the water with his son in such magnificent surroundings?

Brent and Bregitte took us hiking two days, and that was a blast, too. Bregitte and I hiked 3.6 miles (round trip) up a mountain (Elk Mt?) to an elevation of over 5,000 feet. She had to wait up a couple of times, but I made it.

Of course the highlight of the trip was getting to spend copious amounts with Rosemary. She is a beautiful little girl and so much fun!

Once again we were reminded of how good God has been to us. To be able to spend time with all of our children and our grandchildren is a tremendous blessing. Thank you Jesus!

Here are some pics.

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