Montana Creek – Talkeetna July 14-18

We just got home from church, Montana Creek Baptist, (two weeks in a row at a Baptist church!) so I thought I’d do an update. We have been here since last Tuesday and are really enjoying it. Gail and Janis have made several trips to Talkeetna, a quaint little Alaskan town and David and I have continued to do some fishing with less that anticipated results. We all ventured in to Talkeetna Thursday night and stayed at the Swiss-Alaska Inn. One of the highlights of the trip so far was breakfast at the Road House. The best pancakes I have ever had! We are at Montana Creek until tomorrow (Monday, July 18) when we will be heading to Riley Creek RV Park at the entrance to Denali Park for our grand tour of the park Tuesday.

The signs say it all.  

The Road House

Montana Creek

The Campground at Montana Creek

Beautiful Alaskan “fire-weed”

Some more fishes. A couple of either “jack kings” or silvers. If they were silver salmon we could have kept them and eaten them. 

Another nice bow.

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