The Journey Anchorage-Russian River 07/03/-08 2010

We have been without internet capability for the last few days will try to do btter!

Well Gail and Janis made into Anchorage sake and sound PTL! We spent a few days in Anchorage and on Monday, July 5th we headed to Cooper Landing and the Russian River campground. We decided to go down and scout out the terrain and the river looked great. There was a decent run of reds (sockeye salmon) going up river and we saw several hook ups. This time of year is the period between the early run and the late run of reds on the Russian. It has been a very “poor” early run and this is not good for salmon or trout fishermen. The trout follow the reds fewer reds fewer trout. Oh well.

We fished on Tuesday and it was slow. Only had a few hookups and only a couple of fish to hand. Wednesday was a repeat.

Brent, Bregitte, and Rosemary made it in on Wednesday night.  We left for Homer on Thursday hoping that Brent can come up with a succesful game plan for when we return Friday afternoon.

We stopped in Girdwood on our way to the Kenai.

Gail and Janis took a day trip to Seward and Fox Island.

Since there are no pics of fish here is some more wildlife we have encountered. You can’t be too disappointed when surrounded by such beauty!


  1. Thanks for the response. Will try to post some more tomorrow Tuesday, July 13.

    Great news about Morgan!

    We are praying for all of you.

    Uncle Bug

  2. What a wonderful trip!! Y’all keep on posting. —
    Morgie asked Jesus into her heart Sunday night!!! She is so happy.

    We are looking forward to school in Bama. 🙂
    Still tweaking things at the farm. One of David’s former Marines was here today servicing the plumbing. Kilo Battery….he was pretty pumped….still wearing his hair in a “high & tight”.

    No Mcgee baby yet. Kids and I spent 3 days with Sarah, Ashley, Maggie, Harper, and my Mom…..we had a great time just thinking…. “anytime now we will have a new little baby”.

    I will show the pictures to the kids tomorrow–much love-angie

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