The Journey Canada (Days 6-7) 06/26-27/10

We got to Canada on the 25th but really began our journey when we got out into Banff and Jasper Canadian national parks. If you ever go to AK make sure you visit these parks. I can still remember these parks from when we went through here with my mom and dad when I was 14 (about 1966?) People keep asking commenting about how tough the drive up is but I wouldn’t miss this stuff for anything. And I remind them when my dad drove us up we did the whole round trip in a month when the Alaska Highway was 1200 miles of gravel one way! The next few pictures are in reverse order of how they were taken. I mind lapse I guess. Leaving  Jasper, BC. where we camped. The camp ground was a real disappointment. Not very well-kept. Some dall sheep (mom and baby) we saw on the way to Jasper. The Jasper ski lift. The town of jasper was very nice kind of like Gatlinburg ots of tourist including us. We saw lots of elk when we pulled out Saturday morning. Even some bulls. One of the many “streams” we passed on the way to Dawson Creek, BC. The real journey begins. One marker one on the Alaska highway! The Christian Missionary Alliance church we attended today (6/27).

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  1. Great report. I did Amarillo to Flagstaff to day and for the past 2 days have seen many windmills. Tight lines Jack

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