The Journey (Day 2) 06/22/10

Burned up the road on our second over 700 miles! That puts us resting in Watertown, South Dakota at Sandy Beech State Park. Great weather so far.

Today’s travels took us through MO into Iowa (we may have touched Neb.) and into South Dakota.

“I’m goin to Kansas City. Kansas City here I come.” There I go. 

They do some serious farming in these parts.

This is the park where we are staying.


  1. Wow! Kinda wish I’d made the trip up, but I’m sure you’re really tired. I’ll enjoy the trip back. Glad all is well!

    Love ya,

  2. Jack,

    We are taking a sligt detour and going through Montana. We are plannig on fishing in MT on the way back and figured a little recon would help.

    Keep us posted on your trip.


  3. I believe we caqmped at that park on our way to Alaska. Great fishing ahead, Bow River and Canadian Rockies. Safe trip and tight lines.

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