Wedding Trip Aug-Sept 08

Trip Report – Alaska August 28 – September 12, 2008


The group (all 11 of us) headed out on Thursday, August 28 for Anchorage. We left Jackson, MS at 10:4 0 a.m. and landed in Anchorage about 6 p.m. (9 p.m. MS time.) We had one stop over in Atlanta.


We immediately headed to Fred Myers (Alaska’s version of Wal-Mart) to pick up our fishing licenses. We then headed to Cooper Landing. Friday morning found us on the Russian River. It was a good morning.


Brent’s wedding rehearsal was Friday afternoon and the wedding was Saturday. The weather was perfect. (The wedding was out doors.) As a matter of fact it was the only two days where it didn’t rain the whole two weeks I was there!

Brent and Bregitte


Sunday (after church) BroD2 and I headed for the Alagnak River in Bristol Bay. It was not a good beginning. We flew from Anchorage to King Salmon only to find that they couldn’t fly us the lodge because it was too windy.

So we flew to the lodge Monday morning picked up our guide and headed to the Kulik River. The wind messed us up again. They had hoped to drop us off at the headwaters of the river with a raft and we would drift down and get out and fish along the way. The Kulik is only a couple of miles long. Since they couldn’t do that we were dropped off at the lower end and hiked our way up. Problem was the wind was blowing water out of the upper lake into the river and made it a lot higher than our guide was expecting! Made for some interesting wading. We finally made it to where we wanted to fish and it was unreal. First cast I hung a monster bow and had no idea what to do with it. He runs me almost into the backing turns around and spits the “bead” back at me. Our guide suggested tightening up the drag and horsen’ em’ in. We were using 1X and so it actually worked.

We were fishing on an island facing the widest part of the river. The wind was blowing in our faces. I turned around and took a look at the other side of the river which would make casting a lot easier. The guide went over and took a look. He came back with a smile on his face. When I made it to the other side I couldn’t believe my eyes. The red’s (salmon) were stacked in the river moving up stream and it seemed like for every red there was a rainbow! We didn’t see any huge fish but a ton between 18 and 22 inches. They were on the beads in no time. I don’t know how many we caught but it was a bunch. Bro was having trouble with the bead so we went to the “flesh fly” and he caught the big bow of the trip at 22.5 inch. I cannot describe to you how these hard this fish fought. We were both using six weights and there were barley adequate. I switched to an 8 weight and it made landing the fish a bit easier.


Tuesday we fished the Nonvianuk river. It was a mistake. Bro caught the only bow of the day and I got a nice bright silver (salmon). The river was full of humpies (pink salmon) but that was it. Bro suffered an injury that turned out to be the end of our trip. When we got back to the lodge and were able to inspect a gash on his thumb we saw that he had cut an artery and had nicked a ligament. This forced us to fly back to King Salmon and seek medical attention. We had already planned to go back to the Kulik and make the raft trip but it was not to be. I can still see those fish in my mind. Any way here are some pics.


Fortunately I had another week to fish on the Russian River I post more about that later.

Bro’s Bow (Bro’s head missing)


This is the silver. (Guide in pic)


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