Russian Woes


Not much to report from the July Russian River excursion.  Stan McCullough showed up on Tuesday about 4 hours before I got in from MS.  I landed around midnight, and after loading the truck, we headed south from Anchorage.  We arrived at the Russian around 4 am and started fishing.  The most exciting news came in the form of Stan falling in within a few hours.  He dried off on the far side (the bear side) of the river, and it took some time to decide to go back to the truck.  As he was crossing the river, these two bruins came out at exactly where he had been fending off hypothermia!  They gave us no trouble, but the fish sure did.  He hooked a nice bow but was unable to land him, not having fought beasts like Alaskan rainbows.  I caught a couple of dinks, but nothing major.  The next day, we hiked to the falls, and saw a few fish, but again, not much action.  I did pick this 22 incher on peachy flesh, but in three days of fishing, he was the only one worth writing about.  Friday we went to Montana Creek, and again, sloooowww.  Stan hooked a nice bow, but broke him off.  I caught a little grayling, and that was our Independence Day.  We depart for Cordova Sunday after church.  Hopefully the cutthroat and shark fishing will be a little better for us.  We will report as soon as we get back to Anchorage.

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