Another Great Trip

 Thursday, Febuary 27-Friday 28.

Made a quick run to the White Thursday was hoping to fish the shad kill but was not to be. There was a drowning on the river near Batesville. Got in around 11 a.m. and met up with Jack, (BroD2 was already in town also) at the confluence.  Got to go out with Jack’s in his “new” boat. We headed down river. The river was a bit higher than expected after having no generation for a couple of days. It was cool and very windy. The fishing was good. My first fish was a brown about 14 inches. We all caught a bunch of bows and several more browns. Only saw a couple of other boats one guy on a four wheeler with his dog. Saw Davy as he was leaving the River. It was good. David (aka Br0D2) and I started out Friday at the Norfork dam. Bro got a bow of about 16 or 17 inches and a couple of others. I got four small bows. We met up with Jack and went to Blue Ribbon and picked up some supplies. Put in at Reds and headed up river. Outstanding day as far as numbers but nothing too “big.” We fished several places we had not tried before with mixed results. I know you are not going to believe this but the wooly was the big producer. But also did well on the san juan, egg pattern and Jack’s Peabody soft hackle. Will post some more later. Hope to get back before too long. Had close to a hundred in the day and a half among all three of us. We picked the right time to go. There has been a lot of bad weather since we left. Lots of rain and a bunch of snow. Lake are well inot flood pool. You can expect heavy generation until they get them pulled down. Some stories of shad coming through. Maybe we can get in on it during spring break. Crappie should be good here in MS soon.

Here was nice bow we picked up.



These “guys” were in the back yard. 

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