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AAA Trout is here to provide you with some helpful fishing tips from Arkansas and Alaska. BroD (Doug)  has been fishing the trout waters of AR for over thirty years. The Norfork is his favorite. Brent has returned to AK after a brief stint in Boone, NC. He has put a number of years trout (and salmon) fishing. We hope to be of some help to you.

God Bless!

You can contact me (Doug) at 601-953-5124 or lane5611@gmail.com

God Bless!


6 responses

13 09 2016
Jim cameron

hi Doug , I met u on the Russian River today , great visiting with u and God bless, Jim Cameron, , right after u left a guy caught two nice rainbows in the last pool u fished, using a 8 mil bead, a pink tan color if that makes sense, good fishing for u , we know there’s no luck,

21 10 2016


Sorry I didn’t see your reply sooner. Had a great time in AK as usual. Just posted a video of the trip.

Thanks for the reply.

2 02 2012
Dennis Galyardt

Just a note to thank you and David for the boat ride on the Norfork today. Had great companions, beautiful weater and a couple of dozen trout…what more could I ask for. Later I will send a picture of the 18″ brown and a pattern for the Soft Hackle Midge Emerger……………..Dennis

3 02 2012


We had a good day too. Hope we can do it again before too long.


4 03 2008


19 12 2007
Emil La Beet

hi there!

i found your webside surfing on the internet to find good trout, salmon and steelheads rivers near San Francisco. I think the Russian River is the best in the area. is it any good to go there in this season? i saw on your blog that u catch’d some early this year. im comming all the way from Denmark, so it could be a big help if you guys could tell me something about good spots and tackels! i’m fly fishing and regular spinning. could you recomment something specially good in the Russian River?

Best Regards Emil La Beet

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