Alaska September 2022

Let’s get started.

Leaving Dallas
Coming into Anchorage

The Anchorage Airport
First Stop at Montana Creek
It was rockin’
What a difference a day makes!
Field trip
Headed North
Moose at Maringel!
Gulkana Grayling
Blueberry Picking
The Hike Into Landmark Gap River
The Bounty of Landmark Gap River – Monster Grayling!
The Blessing of Landmark Gap- God’s Spectacular Creation!!!
Halibut on the Grill
Back to Eagle River – New Fireplace
What Better Place for Prayer and Devotions!
As Usual for Kirby – Montana Creek Baptist Church
Montana Creek in September – “Don’t get No Better than This”
Termination Dusting – The End is Near 🙂
Leaving Anchorage
Back to Dallas


  1. Hey Doug, it was good meeting you yesterday on Dry Run. Hope your grandson is having a grand time. What a special place for kids. And for grandpa’s to enjoy the experience with grandkids.
    Enjoyed the website😊😊

    1. Pat,

      We had a good day Monday. My grandson caught some nice fish on Dry Run and then we took the boat out but the water was so high is was tough. Let’s stay in touch maybe we can fish together. Let me know how you do in Montana.


      1. Will do.
        Was speaking to a fellow magnolia fly fishers member.
        We both agreed we need to recruit you as a guest speaker at one our
        meetings .
        Really think you’d be a hit sharing your Alaska experiences. As well as your life as adventures.

      2. Pat,

        Glad you liked the website.

        Would certainly consider speaking to the fly fishing group.


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