2021 Alaska Part 1

Let  the trip begin! Well it is off on another Great Adventure. Went in June this year as it had been awhile since we had seen Brent and his family. (Upfront this post is light on fishing pics, for a reason. June is not the best month for trout although they can be had. I just couldn’t make it happen. Hopefully we will have a different story in Sept.)

All right let us face it food is a big part of these trips. This one started off in the Seattle airport, (I once has salmon tacos there), Chowder Fries!!!

If they were not here we would probably not be her. At least not 15 years in a row!

Made it just in time for Rosemary’s 12th birthday party. It was nice getting to see Bregitte’s family, well at least some of them.

The Pinata was a big hit.

Another part of this puzzle was rebuilding the driveway so we could get the big RV up to the house.

Willow Creek Campground

Of course the big deal is when Marme (Gail) arrives. And as often as not our first stop is Willow Creek. Not as many rabbits as usual but it was early.

Don’t forget the food…

Our new thing this year was spending a couple of days in Girdwood, home of Alyeska ski resort. Some stuff was still not open because of you know what. But we found enough to keep us busy.

If you traveling with this group playgrounds are a necessity. And Girdwood has a nice one!

We stayed at the Willawaw Campground on the Portage Glacier road and it was a beauty.

We did manage to sneak in a couple of days of fishing. It just was not what we have come to expect.

Gravel Pit near Portage Glacier
Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

The day following we visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. I am sure they do good work but it was underwhelming.

Next stop was Hope. One of our favorite places. Killed the pinks (salmon) here last year but to early for them this year.

Rosemary took some beautiful pics.

We met up with Brent and Bregitte on the Russian River after thet had spent a couple of days hunting mushrooms.

The Russian was flowing strong

We do get around. And we did make church each Sunday! We headed back up north and met up with Brent and Bregitte at Montana Creek where we snuck in a little fishing.

Bow on Montana Creek.
Montana Creek
Confluence of Montana Creek and the Sussitna River.

This is where Basil, Bruce, and I whacked them last year. Not so much this time although we did get 11 one day.

Cadillac Cafe, Wasilla

Well it was getting to be about that time where Brent had to go back to work, Gail was going home and I still had another week! So more later.

Biggest Fish of Trip A Nice Dolly off the Kenai
Hiked to the Russian River Falls
Creek Side Cafe – Hope
Eagle River Nature Center
Nixon’s got this down!
Last Stop – Mirror Lake
Plane Ride Home

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