Alaska 2020 Part 1

It’s that time of year again! Actually a little earlier. It had been almost a year since we had seen Brent, Bregitte, and the grandchildren and with plane fares so low we opted for coming a couple of months early. More about that later.

July 2 – 10

Flew out of Jackson and arrived in Anchorage on July 2. A story in itself Alaska requires anyone coming there to have a Negative Covid test on hand before arriving at the airport. The test had to have been administered no more than 72 hours before your arrival in AK. So… I took the test and waited for the results. They came back negative and results arrived just in time for me take off (actually there other options so I could have gone anyway).

Did not have great seat, flying economy class, but did manage these pics,

Bregitte and the grandchildren met me at the airport and we had a terrific ride back home to Eagle River.

M y first week was spent making up for lost time with the children. It had been almost a year since we had seen them.

Brent and Bregitte have already done a lot to make their house a home.

Did not take us long to get into playground mode. Bregitte discovered a really nice playground in Anchorage overlooking Cook Inlet.

First look at fireweed.

(Of course nobody told us about the bears! But since they have them at home too it’s no big deal.) Zoom in and you can see a black bear climbing the fence. Just another day at the playground in Anchorage

Of course there are always plenty of things to keep you busy too. The “new” RV needed a “new” water pump. Took a whole lot longer to change than it should have. Could probably do it in a couple of hours now.

First Time Fishing

My first excursion on my own was to Willow Creek. The weather was nice and rainy just like I like it. The fish however were not very cooperative. Did have two takes on a mouse pattern so it was not a total loss.

The Creek was high and it limited the places I could wade

This was on the drive back to Eagle River from Willow, just amazing.

July 10 – 24

Marme’s Arrival

Waiting for Gail at the airport Friday, July 10. Anchorage has the world’s biggest float plane “airport.” We enjoyed watching them land and takeoff.

Gail got in on Friday and Saturday we are headed back to Willow Creek our favorite place to camp with the kids close to home.

We rocked us some Micky D’s.

The rabbits area a big attraction.

Brent got home on Monday July 13 and we spent some time getting ready for a trip to the Russian River on the 15th.

You have to wonder what things are going to be like when this is the first thing you see! This ole boy “followed” us around for two days. The salmon run was pretty weak and it was hard for the bears to find a meal. He wanted us to catch him something. A couple of days after this he actually ran a guy off some fish he had caught!

Ths fishing for bows was slow too but we had some luck on streamers.

You can see why we love this place.

Next stop Homer

You drive to the end of the world and what do you see a Jackson Prep sticker.

Brent and the family have made a couple of stops in Homer this summer. A tourist trap for sure but some great saltwater fishing and lots of good food.

Deep Creek, Hope back to Eagle River.

We had seen the campground at Deep Creek before but it was usually full. This year hardly anyone there.

We love Hope! Is there anywhere we don’t love?

Have heard about the humongous run of Pink salmon on Resurrection Creek at Hope thought we would give in a look.

All that said it would be minus the people. Pinks do not rate very high with the “natives” but we thought we would give “one” a try. It was “fish on” about every other cast. Released fish until I got one that was fairly “bright.” Took him to Eagle River and it was delicious.

It is amazing how fast two weeks can fly. Seems like Gail just got here and she’s headed back home already!

One last stop in Anchorage for Reindeer Dogs!!!

July 24-August 1

Sunday the 26th found us at Awaken Church in Anchorage. Great Service!

A local “guide” had given me a heads up about the “Toilet Bowl.” (See below) It was upstream from Shirley Town Bridge and was stunning. Caught two really nice grayling and Brent got a couple of bows.

Had a great time with the kids and some family friends at Mirror Lake.

No trip to AK would be complete without a visit to Talkeetna!!! It was a big disappointment to find out the Roadhouse was closed because of Covid. The motel was open but not the restaurant.

For my friend Kirby who attended the Montana Creek Baptist church back in the day. Still looking good.

That’s all for now hope to get some more pics from others but we will see. Report back in September.

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