Trip Report AR Nov.28 – Dec. 1, 2016

Drove up in the rain drove back in the rain. The rain was much needed so no complaints. The weather finally cooled off and it was great fishing weather. Hopefully Norfork Lake is about through turning over as the water is a bit cloudy.

When the DO is low the SWPA is asked not to run the generators at more than half capacity. Apparently the more load the worse the DO gets. This could explain why the Fork has seen such low generation for such long periods of time. There have been some periods of no generation but not many. As things return to “normal” there should be heavier generation for shorter periods of time. In the winter they usually generate in the mornings and off before noon all depends on how cold it is and how much electricity needs to be generated. This is of course all speculation, based on many years of observation, on my part.

Started fishing at the dam while they were running “one” unit and did fair. Love to fish the dam if there are not too many people. First fish was nice little brookie.


Caught the water off  Wednesday, and Thursday from 9 until about 3 makes for a pretty good day of fishing.

The eagles were out down river. Also saw a deer swimming the river as well as  a bunch of Turkeys.


This rainbow was the big fish of the trip. Got him on a red sanjuan worm wading on the aforementioned one unit before the water fell out.


This nice cutthroat fell to the ruby midge.


Had a beautiful sunset on Thursday.


As usual one of the best parts of the trip was meeting new people. Matt was fishing with his dad at the dam and knocking them out. Mark had just moved to the area and was very excited about the fishing.

Be back soon. Real soon.






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