Big Pine Key, FL 3/28-4/7 2016

It was another “trip of a lifetime” for Brent and I as we headed out to BPKFL for my first ever salt water fly-fishing experience.

We left (leff) out on Monday, March 28 and drove all the way to Yeehaw Junction, Fl. A very memorable night in the Pilot Truck Stop parking lot. headed out Tuesday morning and made the way to our destination mid-afternoon.

Brent, Bregitte and the girls made it to the Keys last year and he, at least, was somewhat familiar with our surroundings. Despite having lived in Florida for 14 years, more or less, I had never been further south than Miami. The area is strikingly beautiful.

We immediately launched the boat, all fourteen feet of her. Unfortunately even after having the motor tuned up and test running it before we left we had problems. It was not the last time.

We were however able to get the motor running good enough to hopefully keep us from being sweep out to sea the next day.




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