IMG_8972Forgot to talk about the homeboys and the football weekend.  Although we hadn’t seen each other for a least a year (Dan, even longer), we dispensed pretty quickly with pleasantries and jumped right into some seriously laughable trash talking.  It consisted mostly of Aaron hopelessly defending Kentucky football.  And Kentucky in general.  Friday night went by in a flash.  Aaron (second from left) and his special lady got up early Saturday and actually took a hike.  The report was that we should have gone.  Dan (third from left) joined them for some exercise on campus, something I just don’t understand.  Big Country and I (ends) watched football.  Like men.  Then the others joined.  We shared a few laughs, shed a few tears (UK and NC State went down, OSU and the Noles both won), and a pretty awesome time.  Like last May, so much build up, and the weekend seemed to end just as it was beginning.  But that’s how these things go, and I am extremely grateful for the time, and for the friendships.  Before we parted ways, we began talking about the next reunion.  Until then boys arrivederci!


We’re FBS now!  Sun Belt Conference, yo.  That’s legit football.  You know, sort of.

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