Parks Highway – Russian River 9/13-21

Hard to believe but the fishing is over for this trip. Left the Russian yesterday Friday the 21 headed back to Anchorage.

Fished the Parks Highway from Thursday 13 until Saturday the 15 with limited results. Left MS two days before Issac hit and since we’ve been in AK they have had three major wind events (110 + mph) and now flooding is causing major problems both north and south. They are evacuating Talkeetna. I am glad I got my pancakes early!!!

This is what you see as you head north on the Parks.

Here’s a dollie I got on Willow Creek.

Think you are having a bad day?


The Kenai is flooding at Cooper Landing and expected to flood lower today. But they are still “riding the rise.”

And yet with all the bad weather and rising water I nailed ’em on the Russian. Water came up some but not too bad. I made it back to the river Monday the 17th. Fished in the afternoon and got about a dozen, I had never seen so many small fish before. I wondered what this held for the rest of the week.

On Tuesday I got out and fished up to the Christmas tree . Got a few but it was slow. Started fishing down stream and things began to pick up. It was a nice day and there were a lot of folks on the river. Made it to the old Cottonwood hole and it was pay dirt! By the way all the fishing has been with beads. Good numbers and size.

Wednesday I slept in. Went to Wildman’s to restock on supplies and get a mocha high rev!!! I would have thought that someone would have picked up on the hotspot but not yet. I was immediately into fish. Got a few dollies but most bows.

Thursday was nasty so I got up early! I only got nine but they were all brutes. I was sight fishing to a lot of fish and what a blast. But, the bears started showing up. Makes me a little nervous especially when I am by myself.

Friday the bears were to the spot before me so I just packed up and headed to Anchorage.

For three days I had about 63 fish. I didn’t fish all day ever. It was great. Here are some of the results.


As usual I have met a bunch of great people.

Brent will get in from work Sunday but has school for three days. I will be heading home Wednesday.

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