Trip Report 7-09-12


Well we finally made it back!

Headed to the Fork Monday and found it to be as beautiful as ever.

The water is clear and cool! Even when they began generation at 2p.m. there was very little “trash.” We saw two immature eagles, a herd of deer, several turkeys and not one other fisherman in the upper C&R.

I was expecting the fishing to be stellar as they had generated all day Sunday. And while it was OK we didn’t do great. Lots of fish” midging” but in about three inches of water. You could get one or two out of a spot and then you had to move on.

Came up a cutt short of the slam (got the brook in the C&R).

Here are a couple of pics.

It was nice not to have to keep an eye out for bears then this…


 Should have some more later in the week.

Tuesday we got the Tank (1989 4-Wheel drive Suburban which David II put on loan to us) registered in AR.

We were back at it Wednesday and Thursday and these two days were stellar! Both days started off slow. The fish were mostly everywhere and they were still midging. Finally started taking them sight fishing with the G-Midge (thanks Gonzo.)  It was great! Moved to one our back up spots and started nailing them on the zebra midge.

Timing on water releases has been ideal. We have been hitting the water about daylight and the water has been coming on around 2 p.m. Keeps one from having to drag the boat back upstream and gets you out of the heat of the day. With minimum flow it is going to be way to easy to get down river on low water.

Thursday the fish refused the midges so we turned to Don’s bug (thanks Don) and they were killing it even in deeper water. My brother has not fished the sow-bug much and he was having a blast.

Got checked for barb-less hooks and licenses down river.

Came back to MS today (Friday.) It was good enough we will be back next week.

We are blessed!

The fish are fat and appear to be very healthy.

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