First Fishes of the Trip

The first fish of the trip was a grayling on Montana Creek. Montana is a beautiful stream on the Parks Highway. I am up here waiting (anxiously) on Brent to get home (Wednesday), so we can get ready tii head to Bristol Bay. (Actually I am glad that Brent has a few days to spend with Bregitte and the girls.) Rosemary turned 3 Sunday. I had a great time helping Bregitte pack up the rest of their belongings for the move to Houston (not Texas but AK.)

Thanks to Max from Montana for putting me on the right set up for the grayling. I was fishing to “shallow.” He was whacking them on a stone fly and cadis pupae.

I got the dolly on my own.

Tony, Kati and Brent’s step-dad came by Sunday after church and took me on a hike too the Talkeetna River. Next to being with the “kids”, and fishing, it was as much fun as I have had in AK. Off the beaten trail and absolutely beautiful. Thanks Tony!!!

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